Yael and Uriel share a mutual love for world culture and literature. The process of research and discovery is the foundation of their friendship and the very heartbeat of Tapioca Stories. With 20 years of experience in research and publishing, and over a decade in parenthood, Yael and Uriel are off to capture the stories from places faraway to bring to your nearby bookstore.


Born in Chile, raised in Brazil, and grown in Israel.  Currently lives in New York with her multilingual family speaking Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, and English on a daily basis. Yael is a science researcher Ph.D. with almost two decades of experience in the fields of mathematics, psychiatry, and biology. Her scientific work focuses on using math to understand human behavior, as social-organizational beings or as psychiatric-genetic individuals. “The best thing about science,” Yael says, “is how this community brings together people from all over the world to conferences and collaborations - the best scientific ideas do not just pop-up in your mind, they materialize out of bonds you make with other scientists that often see things differently.” Yael likes to teach her children that science is one of the greatest venues for diversity and openness, and that brilliant people are everywhere on this planet. Yael is also fascinated with illustrated children's books that can tell complete life stories in tiny spaces. Yael’s vision for Tapioca Stories is that children's books, like science, can take people to different countries and connect to other ways of thinking and living. Tapioca Stories is Yael’s literary venture to make books travel across the borders, so you also can enjoy them at home.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Uriel currently resides in Jerusalem, but travels and moves between Latin America and Europe. He studied urban planning and architecture. He has been writing and publishing essays on architecture, music, photography, literature, and cultural criticism for a decade in various languages. Uriel co-founded “Libro,” a book series specializing in Latin American literary classics, “El Dorado”, series for contemporary Latin American Literature; he served as editor in chief of Alleyways Books;  co-founder and editor of Chameleon Books and Nine Lives Press. Additionally, Uriel engages in various activities: produced international urban symposiums on the topics of sustainability and conservation; taught modern literature at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; curated exhibitions; and produced jazz albums. Tapioca Stories is his first international and Pan-American venture.


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