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Authors, ilustrators, translators
Yael Frankel

Yael Frankel is an author and illustrator born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1967. She has been published in France, Italy, Spain, China, South Korea, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina—and now the United States. Her books won several awards, including White Ravens 2015 and 2020, Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos 2016, and ALIJA IBBY Argentina 2017. Her illustrations for the book The Elevator was the winner at the 2019 Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, United Arab Emirates. This same book won a laureate for Best Picture Book at the 2019 International Children’s Book Fair, Russia.

Alcides Villaça

Alcides Villaça is a poet and literary critic who was born in Atibaia, São Paulo, in 1946. Since 1973 he has been a professor in Brazilian literature at the University of São Paulo. His research focuses on modern Brazilian poetry with an emphasis on the works of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Manuel Bandeira, Ferreira Gullar, and João Cabral de Melo Neto. He also studies the work of Machado de Assis, who is regarded as the greatest writer of Brazilian literature. His volumes of poetry include O tempo e outros remorsos (1975), Viagem de trem (1988), and Ondas curtas (2014). As a literary critic, he wrote Passos de Drummond (2006), the result of decades of research on the work of the poet from Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is a regular contributor to newspapers such as Folha de São Paulo and O Estado de São Paulo. The Invisible is the English edition of his first book for young readers.

Andrés Sandoval

Andrés Sandoval, born in 1973 in Chile, is an illustrator and graphic artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo in 1999, after which he began working in scenography and cinema. Since 2003, he has developed much of his work in books, prints, and murals. He has been illustrating the section Esquinas in the Brazilian magazine Piauí since 2006. He has created prints and patterns for brands such as L’Occitane, Melissa, and Coca-Cola. His illustrations have been published by Companhia das Letras, Cosac Naify, Editora 34, Planeta Tangerina, Pato Lógico, and the New Yorker, among others.

Flávia Rocha
Endi Bogue Hartigan
Kit Maude

Flávia Rocha is a Brazilian journalist, writer, and filmmaker, based in Portland, Oregon. She has three books of poetry published in Brazil: A Casa Azul ao Meio-Dia (Travessa dos Editores, 2005), Quartos Habitáveis (Confraria do Vento, 2009), and Um País (Confraria do Vento, 2015). She holds an MFA in Writing/Poetry from Columbia University, and for thirteen years was an editor for the New York–based multimedia literary magazine Rattapallax, which focuses on international literature. Her poems, translations, and articles have appeared in several publications in the United States, Brazil, and other countries.

Endi Bogue Hartigan is a poet based in Portland, Oregon. She is the author of the books of poetry Pool [5 choruses] (Omnidawn Publishing, 2014), which won the Omnidawn Open prize, and One Sun Storm (Center for Literary Publishing, 2008), which won the Colorado Prize for Poetry. Her work has been published in numerous journals, including New American Writing, West Branch, Interim, Chicago Review, VOLT, Denver Quarterly, and others.

Kit Maude is a translator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has translated dozens of Latin American and Spanish writers for a wide array of publications and writes reviews for Ñ, Otra Parte, and the Times Literary Supplement.

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