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"With nearly 60 million Americans identifying as Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there is a fast-growing, untapped market for children’s stories from Latin America. Tapioca Stories is a new children’s book publisher that aims to fill that demand." 

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"Today I'm sharing an interview Brazilian illustrator, architect, and muralist (among other things) Andrés Sandoval about The Invisible, written by Alcides Villaça. You'll see below how each one of those descriptors informs the way Andrés creates his illustrations, and it was so interesting to peek behind the curtain (or red vinyl in this case) to see how Andrés balanced a dual narrative. "

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“It’s not every day that I have the opportunity to write about a children’s book based on the imaginative possibilities of elevators... If you are reading The Elevator with children (adults may enjoy it on their own), you could raise some of these questions with them, along with ones about imagination and reality, which typically intersect in children’s minds.  This elevator rewards more than one ride.

"Tapioca Stories: a new children’s book publisher with Latin American soul" 

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"The 2021 Outstanding International Books list honors all of these titles for meeting their readers where they are, for taking them to places they can only imagine, and for bringing the world closer to home." A Global Community of Readers

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"In recent years, a proliferation of books in translation for children and young adults has brought imaginative stories from around the world to new readers. We’re speaking with some of the extraordinary publishers who make these books possible about their experience working in this vital field. For the eighth installment in the series, we spoke with Yael Berstein, founder of Tapioca Stories."

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Featuring The Elevator by Yael Frankel.

Brightness Magazine No 20 - Digital Journal of Illustration  

Brightness Magazine

"Would you like to take a look at an Argentinian import? ... This playful, offbeat tale of connection with one’s neighbors, filled as it is with endearing characters, is visually striking with its monochromatic palette and occasional touches of vivid red. Frankel gets creative with her composition choices, as we see the elevator on the move; in one case, it rises and the top of an illustration is lopped off." 

Seven Important Things Before Breakfast

Today I'm sharing an interview with award-winning Argentinian illustrator Yael Frankel. Yael's debut book in the United States is The Elevator, and it was such a thrill talking to her about this book and what she has in store for us next. Enjoy!

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“Quiere introducir diversidad que falta dada la escasez de traducciones en literatura y lectura infantil. ‘Hay libros traducidos con una narrativa diferente pero la mayoría son de Europa y falta el tipo de narrativa, las historias y humor latinoamericano …’”

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"Aaahhh! by Guilherme Karsten and translated by Eric M. B. Becker is a funny picture book with a surprise ending that you will both see and not see coming! I got to talk to in-demand author-illustrator Guilherme about the book and his process over the years. Enjoy a (spoiler-free!)"

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