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Guilherme Karsten

Translated from the Portuguese by Eric M. B. Becker


A gigantic noise makes its way around the world, wreaking chaos and confusion. What could it be? An alien invasion?

A meteor that crashed into a foghorn factory? A saxophone extremely out of tune? Where is the noise coming from?

The answer will surprise everyone!


Selected for the Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, New York, 2022


Winner of the International Golden Pinwheel Grand Award at the China Children's Book Fair, Shanghai, 2019


Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava Plaque, Slovakia, 2019


ISBN: 978-1-7347839-2-6

8.86” (W) x 10.83” (H) • 40 pages • Hardcover


$ 19.95



    ★“Aaahhh! gives young picture book readers a lesson in time, change, and transformation as it contrasts events, discoveries, and fun, ironic situations with what happens when everything changes, from perceptions to creatures. As the whimsical stories evolve to survey transitional "aaahhh" moments of change in human lives, too, young readers are given the rare opportunity to understand the nature of big and small events that change the world. Adults who choose Aaahhh! as a read-aloud will find its lessons thought-provoking and different.”—Midwest Book Review


    ★“There could be plenty of different sources of an incredibly loud noise; children might be one of them. Guilherme Karsten’s new picture book imagines the repercussions of one such scenario, with dazzling images that draw from contrasting influences and techniques. There is a method to the madness, as readers ultimately trace the chaos back to the beginning… an homage to classic children’s book illustration…yet the book is far from imitative, with digital collage combining with drawings…Karsten’s graphic arrangement of seemingly disparate images is a loud and colorful symphony, finally ending in a reassuring return to normal life. This book will reward multiple readings.”
    Imaginary Elevators, A Blog about Children's Literature

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