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Nani Brunini


Disagreement is a visual narrative of an argument that devolves out of control, culminating in a shouting match where the only effort being made is to be the loudest. The polarization of opinions and lack of effort to compromise or reach common ground, inspired by recent political events across the globe, consumes those involved. They eventually escape the chaos through creativity and humanism, which ultimately leads to the path of understanding. This book artfully illustrates the toll of conflict and the magic that can occur when one takes a step back from the noise.


White Ravens Award, International Youth Library, Munich, 2022


Selected for the BRAW Amazing Bookshelf at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy, 2022


ISBN: 978-1-7347839-7-1 

8.44” (W) x 10.83” (H) • 40 pages • Hardcover


$ 19.95



    ★“Disagreement is a meditation of the failure to communicate and resolve differences, but Brunini avoids any simplistic ideas about agreeing to disagree or finding happiness in what we all have in common. I think that children will relate to the idea that even adults can’t always work out differences, and that sometimes just drawing a horse, embarking on a journey, or even walking away from a fight are steps towards acceptance, but not resolution, of problems. Sometimes emotions evade language, but there’s still a way to talk about them, as Brunini demonstrates in this wildly imaginative look at human imperfection.” —Imaginary Elevators, A Blog about Children's Literature


    ★“Disagreement by Nani Brunini doesn’t use words, but this lends quite a powerful punch to the story … People have to find their way back together, to find a way to be peaceful and understanding, even empathetic, even if they do disagree. While this takes time and attention to the matter, the book shows that it isn’t impossible, if only people give it a chance.”—YA and Kids Book Central


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