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Future (English Language Edition)

Future (English Language Edition)


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María José Ferrada and Mariana Alcántara 

Translated from the Spanish by Kit Maude


Spanish language edition available here


Have you ever pondered the mysteries of the future? The authors of this book dared to envision it. They promise us this: the future is a wonderful place where nature is our home and holds all the amazing dreams we can imagine.


Future takes young readers on a fun and clever journey of wonderment, exploring the uncertain yet exciting possibilities of tomorrow. Through whimsical prose and charming illustrations, this silvery book introduces children to enchanting, otherworldly ideas by incorporating a touch of science fiction with robots, rocket ships, and other fantastical concepts that may await them. Highlighting the limitless power of imagination, the authors foster a bright outlook on the future and world we live in. Future captivates as it celebrates creativity, instills hope, and underscores the boundless potential each child possesses as they carve their unique path in this world.


Future marks one more thrilling venture with the award-winning Chilean author, Maria José Ferrada, and the brilliant Mexican illustrator, Mariana Alcántara. Their first collaboration was the compelling book Swimmer, and with Future, they gift us another stunning tale. Maria José’s poetic narrative and Mariana’s magical illustrations create an extraordinary atmospheric journey brimming with imagination. Additionally, Future holds a special place in our hearts at Tapioca Stories, as it is the inaugural title we’re publishing in both English and Spanish.


ISBN: 979-8-9887499-0-5

9.05” (W) x 11.81” (H) • 32 pages • Hardcover




Expected to ship by mid May
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