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Natura (English-Spanish Biligual Edition)

Natura (English-Spanish Biligual Edition)


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María José Ferrada and Mariana Alcántara 

Translation from the Spanish by Kit Maude


The world is full of signals, some imperceptible to the eyes of those who didn't learn to see them. That is the heart of Natura, the inaugural bilingual title from Tapioca Stories, where the reader is invited on a journey of discovery. Presented in both English and Spanish, the invisible waits to be revealed on each page—in the leaves, the trees, and the secrets of this metaphorical forest.


The lyrical voice resounds with tranquility, offering us a quiet vision of the fleeting miracles of birds, spiderwebs, and deer hidden amid the foliage. It is only through the searching gaze of a child that we can perceive these hidden marvels, capturing their brief existence, for a moment, in our retinas.


A monochrome, Prussian blue world expands with great delicacy in the illustrations, tracing shapes, patterns, and silences across each page. The nearly fantastical setting is explored from different perspectives, unveiling the various viewpoints from which these tiny, timid creatures emerge into sight. Overall, this book masterfully achieves a rhythmic harmony between text and illustrations, fostering a profound, impactful reading experience. Here, the silence throbs with vitality and revelation, cultivating the impression that everything within this forest is in suspense. At first sight, it appears to be empty, but when you hold the pages up to the light, another universe is revealed...


The ingenious technique of magenta-printed images inside the pages creates a series of astonishing surprises. These are special moments when the reader realizes that what initially appeared to be an empty world is, in fact, brimming with life.


Natura is an outstanding book that employs different techniques and intertwines dual narratives to encourage the reader to observe their surroundings with a fresh perspective. The minimalist aesthetic enhances the book's expressive power, sending shivers down the reader's spine as they are overwhelmed by the inimitable sensation that comes with making a connection with the natural world.


ISBN: 979-8-9887499-3-6

9” (W) x 8” (H) • 40 pages • Hardcover




Expected to ship by end of September
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