The Beach

The Beach





Sol Undurraga

Translated from the Spanish by Kit Maude


A day at the beach, from dawn to dusk: the award-winning Chilean illustrator Sol Undurraga shares her vision of life at a seaside town. From the fishermen and women who head out to sea at five in the morning to the bathers packing the beach at four in the afternoon, every page is a gorgeous new adventure full of fun creatures both real and imaginary. Undurraga’s striking illustrations, accompanied by brief, evocative texts, bring to life the idiosyncrasies and dynamics of a beach in Latin America … or anywhere in the world. This captivating celebration of summertime is the English-language debut of Undurraga and a beautiful, summery gift for readers of all ages.


Winner of the Opera Prima Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy, 2018


Green Island Award, Nami Concours, South Korea, 2019


ISBN: 978-1-7347839-4-0 

9.25” (W) x 12.08” (H) • 32 pages • Hardcover


$ 19.95